Learn How to Prioritize Your Year For Success
Plan Your Ideal
Freedom Year in 2017!
How great will it feel to have your entire year planned out
and have your best year ever?!
In less than 2 hours I'll show you how to:
  • SET YOUR VISION FOR 2017 and plan out your entire year so you prioritize what matters - we will map this out real-time together and I'll show you behind the scenes of how I plan out my year.
  • Take your big vision and plans for 2017 and put them into your OWN CONTENT, MARKETING and EDITORIAL CALENDAR so you feel focused and in control - I'll show you my calendar as a real example of what's possible.
  • MAP OUT YOUR QUARTERLY, MONTHLY and WEEKLY ACTIONS based on your annual goals and the calendar so you know exactly what to do to achieve amazing results in your business in 2017!
  • Learn my 6 STEP DAILY SUCCESS PLAN to become more productive in a week than you are in a year - no seriously.
  • You'll get my BONUS Content, Marketing and Editorial Calendar template to use to plan out your amazing year.
  • You'll get my 3 page PDF Bonus of Handy Tools and Resources mentioned during the course to help you implement immediately and a copy of my entire slide presentation in PDF format to refer back to.
  • PLUS you'll learn the key questions EVERY entrepreneur should be able to answer to get you fully prepared to get the most out of this course and your year ahead. 
This training works!

I’m Natalie Sisson, the Chief Adventurer and CEO of the Suitcase Entrepreneur and founder of the Right2Freedom initiative.

I've created this mini video course to make sure you start the year off with a bang and grow and scale your business effortlessly in 2017 by focusing your time, money and efforts on the RIGHT things so you can enjoy your ideal lifestyle.

Join me and take action to plan your ideal year for just $49 USD.
Here's what a handful of attendees have said about this action taking course...
"I can't thank Natalie enough for this workshop. After spending so much time helping clients plan it was great to take a step back and get support from Natalie in this area for myself. It was good to get different lenses on to look at my own business and plot the course. Natalie kept this simple and easy to implement and is encouraging at the same time. I recommend this course to anyone that needs the same kick that I did to get this task done!" 
~ Cadi Jordan, Chief Creative Officer, Jordan Consulting

Just spent the last 90 minutes on your workshop. It was fantastic! Thank you Natalie for your focus and planning expertise. I love how practical and organised you are and how easy you make planning happen." 
~ Catherine Newton, Money Coach

"I loved your workshop. it was really helpful and specially seeing behind the scenes to translate that to my own business. Thanks a million for putting this together!" 
~ Kasia Zukowska, WordPress Designer

"I loved it! Thanks so much Natalie you are amazing!"
~ Christina McGrath

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for your Planning Your Ideal 2016 workshop!! I've just finished listening to the recording on my second day back at work for 2016, and I loved it! I'm a marketing consultant and I find it really easy to help my clients get clear on their goals and actions, but find it SO hard to take my own advice and apply it to my own business - I'm too close and emotionally invested. Watching the recording enabled me to pause and complete the actions as I went, so my Annual Calendar is done (hallelujah!). I'm already feeling in control. Thank you again x"  
~Margaret Browne

"Wow! Great workshop Natalie! Really valuable. Lots of great info that I related to. I’ve just launched my website and was sooo focused on launching that I forgot to think enough about what happens after launching. I’ve been flailing around for the last few weeks , drowning in everything that needs to be done now. This session has helped me get a better grip on how to tackle everything."
~ Caroline Harrison, Publisher

"I loved the workshop - it was awesome. It was so great to get a content-filled webinar without having to sit through any sales pitch. The price point was just right too - not too expensive, and by making me pay for it, I made sure I turned up! I found the content really useful and will be putting it into practice for next year. I also enjoyed the connection of being live with not just yourself, but the other entrepreneurs as well. It can be lonely sometimes sitting infront of a PC all day......So in summary, LOVED IT. PS I still use your template for my planning."
~ Julie Hemmings

"Natalie your planning workshop was the exact kick in the butt I needed to start getting ahead in 2016 now." 
~ Amy Mitchell
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